Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really absolute beginner?

What is the difference between Broadway-style Lessons, TAProbics &  Workshops? 
Broadway-style Lessons are traditional dance classes, divided  into levels and taught in a continuous series.  A new dance is taught each month & built on from week-to-week.  

TAProbics is a fun & unique, full-body, cardio & toning workout class. All levels are welcome in the same class and you can sign up per class or purchase a package.

Workshops are one-time drop in classes.

Do you need experience for TAProbics?
TAProbics classes are for all levels- no experience necessary.  You just follow along, and have fun.

Are there makeup classes?
You can make up a Broadway-style Lesson in any level Broadway-style class, but it
must be done within the same month.

TAProbics classes & Workshops can be switched to a different date if you give a minimum of 24 hours cancellation notice, but are forfeited without 24 hours notice.

Am I too old, too uncoordinated, too ___(fill in your too) for class?
Everyone questions me on whether they are too something. We all have our too's. Some have 2 too's. Whatever your too is, come to class so you can have too much fun.

Can anyone take class?
Men & women of any adult age can take class.
Kids & Teens can do Private/Semi-Private lessons or Kids/Teen classes when available.

What are the semi-annual perfomances and do I have to be in one?
No- They are completely optional and completely fun. We have performances  just for fun to show off to your friends and family. We have extra rehearsals outside of class time to prepare for those who wish to attend them. 

Which Level is right for Me? 
Here's a Pop Quiz to find out:

1. What's your tap experience?
    a. I've watched Fred Astaire movies
    b. I fake-tapped in a show once
    c. I used to tap as a kid
    d. I've taken classes

If you've answered A or B or D, skip to question 3

2. I used to tap as a kid, but it's been "ages", and "ages" =
   a. more than 10 years ago
   b. 5-10 years ago
   c. 1-5 years ago

3. Shuffle?
   a. um...?
   b. I learned one from a  friend  once OR  yes, I remember those from "ages" ago.
   c. ball change?  doubles? or off to buffalo?

If you answered 2 or more A's, I suggest Level I (absolute beginner)
2 or more B's= Level 2
2 or more C's or D= Level 5
If you answered differently for each question, I don't know.. just call me, maybe I didn't set this quiz up very well. I'm a tap teacher- we don't give quizzes.

Do I need shoes?
You can wear sneakers at first. Tap shoes are much more fun though.

Where can I get shoes?

You can rent shoes for $4. I have a limited supply for purchase for $30-$60 or can special order for you.

Which shoes should I get?
Get the shoes that  feel the best to you- heels, flats, mary-janes- whichever you like. As lessons progress, everyone inevitably blames the shoes for their mis-steps, and I'm ok with that.

What should I wear to class?
Wear what you would to workout in. Avoid pants that are too long or with very wide bottoms so they don't hide your tap shoes.


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