Tap-a-holic is the home of  TAProbics- the most unique, cardio dance class around! TAProbics & Broadway-style classes are for adults of ALL ages and ALL levels, with the focus on fun. Students can start from wherever they are, even the very beginning, and work their way through the levels at their own pace. Check out what people are saying.
The TAP-a-holic 12 Steps:
1. Admitting it: You've always wanted to tap dance!
2. Choose a class: see which level
is right for you & check out the schedule.
3. The shoes- its ok to love the shoes, everyone does.
4. Get fit the Tap Dance way with

5. Become a fan on facebook and follow on Twitter.
6. Sign up for the newsletter for the schedule of the month.
7. You're hooked..and now you want to get your friends hooked? check out Referral discounts
8. Learn the famous timesteps at a Timestep Workshop 
9. Practice: at home, in line at the bank, even down the office hallway.
10. Tap your troubles away. Hey, if it makes you Tappy, it can't be that bad.

11. Let your Broadway star shine through with an optional semi-annual Performance.
12. Enjoy the confidence, friendships, and fun that come from TAP-a-holic classes.

Hillary Ayn Ryan is a professional actress, owner of TAP-a-holic & creator of TAProbics- one of the most unique, fun workouts around. She began dancing at the age of four, and has performed for years.   Her teaching experience includes all types of dance to students ranging in age from 2-70! Finding that there were very few, if any, classic Broadway-style tap dance classes for adults, and none that catered to absolute beginners, Hillary kept her teaching focus to just that.   Her choreography was recently featured on the hit show, "Desperate Housewives".  Hillary  is proud to offer a fun, creative way for people to learn tap & get fit without the over-crowding and intimidation found elsewhere.

Voted #1 Dance Instructor in LA 2010!

TAProbics Voted Best Fitness in the Valley, 2012

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