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...About Broadway classes:

I searched around to find a good class for beginning adult tappers and found a winner with Hillary Ayn Ryan. She is everything a good instructor should be; patient, talented, praising, fun and did I mention patient? I’m taking her class for as long as I can.

  -Steve Miller

Hillary will help anyone learn to tap, or expand their love of it. Classes are always no pressure and tons of fun. I never feel bad when I miss a step because I know Hilary will be right there with a kind word to help me get it right next time.
  -Cybil S.

I was very reluctant to take this class because I have never done any dance, in fact, I have spent a good portion of my life avoiding any potential dance situation.  But I must say I am thoroughly enjoying the class.  All the people in the class are great and make it an enjoyable experience.  Your teaching is inspired and you have the patience of Job...most importantly I am learning to have fun.
  -Doug Johnson

Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful tap teacher you are. You have really made a difference in my life in only 3-4 short weeks. Forgot how much I really like tap dancing and the exercise is great. It is coming back slow--and appreciate the support. You should be able to pack your classes with your wonderful attitude!
   -Marianne Ellis

 ...about TAProbics:

At first I thought, how is she going to pull that one off? I love aerobics and I love tap so I thought, why not try both at the same time. I'm so happy I did. I was sweating and really feeling the burn plus the music is modern and has a great beat to keep you going. WOW! Its so inventive and it works .

  -Lillian  Martinez

Thank you Hillary for the class on Saturday morning.  It is the first time I ever laughed while having fun at an aerobics class!
  -Debbie McGougan

Compared to other workouts, this is MUCH more interesting, MUCH more fun. It feels like dance, but the results were like an aerobics workout.  Great combination. I LOVED this class.
   -Susan D.

I learned about the TAProbics class through the Groupon site, and I'm sooo glad to have found out about it. It's been 20 years since I've tapped so I was a bit nervous about showing up at a dance studio again.  Hillary was so welcoming and friendly, and even the other students were very nice and encouraging. The music and steps are fun and its a great workout. I'm even starting to get my legs and tummy back in shape, and I look forward to going every Saturday.
   -Dia C.


...about Workshops:

The Timestep Workshop was a great time!  Such a positive experience.  You worked with everyone so perfectly mesing our levels.  I will definitely attend any future classes you have. 
  -Melissa S.

The Timestep Workshop was SO MUCH FUN last night!!!  I smiled all the way home.
  -Kathleen Mullin

I had so much fun! The Soft-shoe and Timestep Workshops were probably my favorite classes yet. I'll watch your bulletins for more!
 -Natalie Hughes

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